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LK 1st card challenge



Local King first card challenge

Hello everyone, this is Lisa from Local King Rubber Stamp. AKA sausage fingers.
I am starting the LK first card challenge, hoping you can join me. Here is the information if you are planning to participate in it.
I am offering a super deal for the stamps and die-cuts that I have chosen for the first LK card challenge,

Click the pictures to view Lisa's cards.

Lisa Yang
P.O.BOX 52219

Here is the best part, I will send a $10.00 dollars gift certificate for each set that has purchased for participating in the LK first card challenge. 
It means, if you order both sets, you will receive 2X$10.00 dollars
The certificate codes will be mailed to you at the end of this event.

I have been doing a card swap with LK's viewers, please check LK's online DVD library for all the wonderful cards that I have received. 
They are amazing. Card swapping gave me this awesome idea to do the LK card challenge. 
Basically, only one rule!!! you need to use at least one stamp from the morning glory stamp set or feather treasure stamp sets.
You can mix with other companies' stamps or dies and you can use both sets to create one card or 2 cards.
no limited. 
Please note, this is the card challenge, not the card swap, it means that I would not send one card back to you.
Regular card swap is still running, I will continue to swap with you as long as I am receiving cards from you.

Please see the following information for the details and the deadline. Thank you so much. 

Stamps and dies

The cutting date for order the stamps and dies is: October 15th, 2020
(The special prices will be removed from LK's online store on October 15th, 2020)

The cutting date for sending the cards is: November 15th, 2020
(It means you need to send your cards before November 15th,2020)

I will try to have the sharing video post before December 15th, 2020
Please mark the " LK card challenge project" on the envelope so I will keep it until the day when I open all the challenge cards, don't want to spoil the funs. 
If you are not planning to participate in this card challenge, you can take advantage of this great deal but you wouldn't receive the gift certificate. 


I am super exciting the LK's first card challenge and can't wait to see all the cards.

Thank you for supporting LK during this tough time, stay safe and happy crafting. LISA