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All the listing prices are in USD, thank you.
Spring promotion starts NOW!!!
The shipment should arrive on Thursday.
I have the date for the Play with Lisa. Please click here for the detail.
 20% off for all the regular prices+on sale items too.
Spring promotion is excluded 2021 Spring new release(8 brand new sets)
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We are shipping to USA and Canada only at this moment.

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International orders / Contact us

USA and Canada orders can place the orders online. 

International orders, please read the note, thank you.

Due to the covid, there are not too many flights to oversea. 
For our oversea customers, if you wished to place an order, 
Please send your shopping list, address and phone number and 
we will calculator the shipping cost and send the paypal invoice. 
We are so sorry, this is the only way we can process international orders. 
Thank you.
P.S. Please note that we do not make money from the shipping fee. 

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